by Victor Esses 

set, costume, and projection design by Yorgos Petrou 

starring Victor Esses 


What makes a home for you?

Victor Esses is Jewish-Lebanese, Brazilian, and gay. In 1975, Victor’s mother flees Lebanon as a refugee of the Civil War.

In 2017, Victor visits Lebanon for the first time. In 2018, amidst the elections that will see Brazil choose a far-right president, he travels from London to São Paulo to show his partner the city of his childhood.

Where to Belong is the tender, moving story of these journeys. Start your day with an exploration of how to find your place in a rich and complex world of identities.

Shortlisted for the Emerge performance prize

"Funny and heart-warming and quintessentially Fringe ... Esses’ achievement is how he makes what might at first seem a remote or unfamiliar experience immediately accessible."

A Younger Theatre