• written and created by
    Mary Higgins and Ell Potter
  • additional direction by
    Jessica Edwards
  • starring
    Mary Higgins
    and Ell Potter 

Hello, we’re Ell and Mary. We’re best friends and ex-girlfriends and we’re bored of playing it cool.

So this is a show about what gets you hot. We asked women and transpeople aged 11-97 what makes them sweat, rub and gush. OK, we didn’t ask the 11-year-old exactly the same questions. We made a sweaty verbatim dance party out of their answers. 

scorchingly enjoyable

Evening Standard★★★★

an emotionally-charged, powerful show. Almost too hard to summarise using words, HOTTER is an exquisite performance of love, fear, sadness and humour…I have never seen a show with such power – both in what is portrayed on stage and what I felt in the audience…it truly left me speechless

Broadway Baby

To have a whole audience crying and dancing in the space of five minutes with nothing more than a soundtrack and a beautifully crafted story is what the fringe is all about.


from despair and heartache a joyous party erupts, the audience are on their feet and people are hugging those around them, it felt so pure and beautiful…[something] I’ve never seen before in a theatre