Image Credits

Credit where

credit is due…

At Ellie Keel we have the privilege of working with some talented creative teams. These incredible people are listed on our productions pages. We would also like to credit those responsible for the wonderful images that represent and promote these productions.

The photos on this website were taken by Alex Brenner (COLLAPSIBLE The Stage Award photo), Adam Bennett (The Women’s Prize for Playwriting), Holly Revell (ANNA BELLA EEMA, SON OF DYKE, HOTTER, FITTER, and the remainder of the COLLAPSIBLE photos), and Olly Grove (SON OF DYKE promotional photo). The promotional image for SAP was created by Rebecca Pitt. The promotional poster for SON OF DYKE was created by Rich Jackson. The photo on the contact page was taken by Izzy Romilly.

Thank you to everyone we have worked with directly or indirectly, to represent these productions.